An American remake and an Asian sequel

It’s all about the infected and the possessed in my latest double feature viewing. Oh…and Tyler Posey’s bod.

ALONE (2020)

The recent Asian zombie film #Alive gets an American remake starring Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf fame, who isn’t only excellent in his role, he’s also shirtless a lot and shows his ass several times. As does my blog…

The plot is predominantly the same, with Posey trapped in his apartment when smart, fast moving, talking zombies ravage the earth. As he fights to stay alive, he befriends a young woman trapped in an apartment across the way.

Posey’s character is much less geek and more of a little stud nerd than the character in the original, and his relationship with the girl across from him is super American, with immediate flirting turning into a relationship, whereas the girl in the original was standoffish and slow to warm up.

Most of the action scenes are the same, but there are a handful of fresh zombie suspense scenes that make this worth a watch even if you’ve seen the original. However, the zombies were way cooler and freaky looking in the original. Here they look more like infected crazies than mutated zombies.

And finally, just as in the original, there’s an encounter with an older man trapped by himself, played by Donald Sutherland here.


The sequel takes place several years after the original. No one seems to believe the main girl’s story about the demon attacks in the first movie.

That all changes when she’s abducted by a group of kids with a story of an orphanage and a ritual that will free them from a demonic curse.

Catch is, they need her help..

Wouldn’t you know a whole new possession scenario kicks in. Before long, the movie turns into a nonstop bombardment of the group being chased by deadites, Asian horror girls, and Linda Blair bitches that crawl, spit up black bile, and pop up in all the rooms and halls of a decrepit building.

Nothing in the way of depth here. This is purely a funhouse of horror filled with action-packed, demonic insanity.

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