Alien Opponent – making rednecks into crazed zombies

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That should have been the name of this movie. 2010 film Alien Opponent is an absolute farce that is SO focused on rednecks that I could barely even relate.

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When aliens in Transformer-like uniforms land in the middle of butt fuck nowhere (not a typo), killing a cheatin’ white trash chick’s husband and then making off with the body, she realizes she can’t collect his life insurance without it. So she offers a reward—in a television ad—to anyone who hunts down the aliens and her husband’s body.

alien opponent affair

It becomes one big alien-hunting contest. Amongst the cast of rednecks lining up with their guns as if Obama’s in town are Jeremy London and Roddy Piper, who had a modest b-movie career with films like Street Team Massacre, Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies, and Sci-Fighters. He should have had a bigger (b-movie) career in the genre following the success of They Live!

But the standout in the film is gorgeous Cuyle Carvin in overalls…and out of them. A hillbilly has never looked so sexy.

alien opponent - cuyle

The whole movie is loaded with absurd but funny shenanigans, including the rednecks trying to take on the aliens in a game of football.

alien opponent football

The aliens also use drones to drop a glowing egg that releases nasty slugs (think Slither and Night of the Creeps), but that’s only a segment of the film instead of the entire premise. I kind of wish it had been because it would have given the film more focus.

alien opponent egg

The aliens just keep coming up with new ways to fuck with the rednecks and eventually put them in a zombie-like state…at which point the humans all start turning on each other in a gory battle to the death! This is when Roddy Piper’s priest character really brings some fun to the movie.

alien opponent priest

Alien Opponent is not a bad time killer by any means if you’re okay with slapstick backwoods sci-fi horror.

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