A Little Bit Zombie is a little bit horror and a lot of comedy!


I really cannot get into deep, serious movies about the emotional, physical, and psychological trauma a single person suffers when becoming a zombie. It’s a fricking zombie! Shoot the fucker in the head! I don’t give a shit how he feels before he tries to munch on me!

Zombedy’s are the only way in which I can enjoy a plot that follows the experiences of an actual zombie—and I mean, enjoy the hell out of it. I love the satire of it all. A Little Bit Zombie is so one of those films. This is all out zombedy fun. In fact, aside from a good dose of gross out gags splashed throughout the film, this really is more a comedy with a horror theme. Think of movies like Idle Hands and The Watch.

In A Little Bit Zombie, two couples head off to a cabin for some fun. One couple is married, the other is about to get married. Then there’s this mosquito, and he bites a zombie…and then bites the groom. And the groom’s bride-to-be will not let anything stop her wedding. And so the foursome must try to score brains for the groom and make sure his body parts stay intact while still enjoying their vacation get away.


This is one hell of an enjoyable cast. The girls are perfect together in their constant clashing and the bromance between the guys is delightful in its playful homoeroticism. But more importantly, the groom’s best man is to die for!!! He has a muscular body of death and wonderfully mussed, wavy hair. What a doll face! He kind of reminds me of Seann William Scott, only butcher. Mmm mmm I LOVE this man. And he’s no stranger to horror films. His biggest role is as Wesker in a couple of the Resident Evil movies!


On top of all that, there’s brain munching, over-the-top vomiting, a serous nutsack flash, a catfight, and numerous jokes about the groom’s homosexual desire for man flesh. Love it. And just when you think the ending totally leaves you hanging, stay tuned for the credits that reveal what happens at the wedding. Not to mention the postscript moment after the credits…that promises a very bizarre sequel?

And finally, I love the campy, spooky, Buffy-esque opening music and the zombie rock-rap song that closes the movie.

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