Tales of sex and nightmares from author Wayne Mansfield

wayne mansfield love and nightmares

The title of author Wayne Mansfield’s erotic horror collection might be Love and Nightmares, but as always, Mansfield knows how to deliver the sex with his fantastical stories. This collection consists of five longer stories, each running thirty pages or more. Here’s the breakdown:

“A Very Handsome Man” – Two lovers have an intense threesome with a mysterious, handsome man. But this tale offers a whole new perspective on the idea of selling your soul. You’ll never believe how the soul is extracted!

“Of Love and Punishment” – A demon who can’t resist the temptations of mortal men soon finds that his demon master has a cruel and unusual punishment in store for him; he attaches the faces of these men to the horny demon’s body!

“Nowhere” – When a suicidal man suddenly finds himself one of many sex slaves in an all-powerful master’s dungeon, he has to use a lot more than his wits to get out of the hell hole alive. But is it really hell?

“The Sexorcist” – What Linda Blair did with a crucifix a possessed young man does with any man who walks into the room in which his possessed body is getting all demonic! Indeed, The Exorcist goes gay and X-rated in this one!

“Out of Light and Into the Night” – Two lovers are taken to the lair of two horny vampires. But pretty soon, it’s as if the vampires are being glamored by one of their prisoners, which is just the power he needs to get his revenge on his captors.

Wayne Mansfield’s previous collection, Brothers of the Moon, which I blogged about here, also has plenty of sexual situations, but I feel the stories in that collection are more horror intense, while Love and Nightmares is erotica with a dark, evil edge.

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