Why do birds suddenly appear…

Okay, I know the stories I tell about my pups make them sound like little monsters, but hey, a good dog is just not funny.

The other day, as I was walking them, we were alongside this chain link fence when all of a sudden Sheffield lunged. It took me a second to register that he had scored a bird!!! The poor thing was trapped between his jaws and the chain link. It must have been hurt or just learning to fly, because I hadn’t even heard or seen it until it was in the jaws of death! I immediately cried out for Sheffield to let it go and managed to get him away from the bird, which tried desperately to fly away or at least hop away.

Right then I heard the sound…up above…angry…ominous…threatening. Squawking birds in the trees! I glanced up, and there they all were, perched on branches like they were auditioning for Hitchcock, watching with beady eyes as one of their own was nearly mutilated, plotting their systematic revenge. Well, let me tell you, I tugged on my dogs’ leashes…and RAN!!! It was terrifying.

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  1. I love that the birds were looking out for one of their own. Sucks being a prey animal.

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