Chastity Bites – When Elizabeth Bathory meets Mean Girls


Chastity Bites is one charming little horror comedy. The title may make it seem like a vampire flick, but that’s not exactly the case. It turns out the infamous historical figure Countess Elizabeth Bathory is alive and kicking…thanks to all that virginal blood she’s been hooked on for so many centuries.

When a group of mean girls joins the high school chastity club, run by the beautiful Liz Batho, they have no idea who’s really about to score all that cherry juice! But butch high school newspaper reporter Leah suspects something is very wrong, and becomes even more concerned after her dearest girlfriend joins the club and starts to change.


Chastity Bites is a little Mean Girls, a little Heathers, a little Once Bitten, a little Cherry Falls, and a little The Craft. It’s campy, girlie fun loaded with lesbian innuendo. Plus, the pop culture references fly fast and furious. There are so many that you can’t help notice that plenty of them would never be in the minds of high school girls at this point in time (for example…a reference to the Oprah book club). But I sure appreciated them.

There are plenty of social jabs as is to be expected in a flick about snobby white girls. Their rich mothers are all conservative, racist, homophobic airheads who are clearly a satire of the Real Housewives. Yet the main mother has an adopted Asian daughter and all their daughters date black guys!


Despite the lighthearted tone, there’s no skimping on the nastier elements of the plot. Throats are slit, blood is drained, and there’s even a Hostel reference horror fans should appreciate. Yeah. Darkly snarky Chastity Bites is a goodie for goth girls and gay guys who like horror with their humor.

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