Time for a little 80s cult horror street trash


Street Trash is one of those 80s video store movies that was just begging for obscene and gross cult status. Hell, the title couldn’t be any more of a self-proclamation!

Yeah. It’s kind of trashy. The whole movie revolves around a junkyard and homeless people who melt into day-glo colors when they drink this mysterious liquor called “Viper.” And the very first scene involves a homeless dude stealing a bottle of the stuff…after a big dude farts in his face.

There’s a crazy bearish brute of a Vietnam vet (who gets his nipple sucked and smashes a guy’s head through a windshield), a cute homeless guy living in the junkyard (usually shirtless), boobs and bush, and a game of monkey in the middle with a dude’s severed penis. There’s even a Ouija board spotting.


But there isn’t much of a plot. Aside from cool and colorful melting and exploding homeless people (which only happens at the beginning and end of the movie), there are a couple of actually creepy scenes of the vet having post-traumatic flashbacks or dreams. Plus, the movie ends with a chase scene, because the vet is basically the real killer, even though the movie is about the poisonous liquor.

Street Trash is just a hot disjointed mess with tons of boring filler connecting cool and crazy scenes—just not enough of them. Its reputation is better than the movie itself, even if it gets points for being from the 80s. But the truth is, it was originally a short film…that was turned into a too long film.

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