The witch flick I’ve been waiting for!

witching and bitching cover

2013 Spanish film Witching and Bitching is the first witch horror flick that gives me more than I could hope for. This is like Hocus Pocus and The Witches all rolled into one—for adults! It’s the movie The Lords of Salem could have been if it had focused on those three amazing witches.

So two guys rob a jewelry store—a young hunk and a bearded daddy. No, I mean, he has a son. And the son is along for the ride! And when things go wrong with the getaway vehicle, the ride ends up being a taxi…with an unwilling taxi driver daddy. This time I mean, a daddy.

witching and bitching men

It’s when the three men and the young boy arrive at a creepy tavern that shit gets WILD! It all begins with the taxi driver seeing an eye looking up at him from the “toilet bowl.” If you’ve been to Europe, you know I’m talking about nothing more than a hole in the floor.

From their the insanity begins…and doesn’t let up until the end. Witching and Bitching is loaded with classic witch lore, cute men, quirky humor, nonstop action, and horror galore! You get:

  • A car chase.
  • The guys having a sex talk.
  • A wicked witch hag.

witching and bitching witches

  • A spooky mansion.
  • Cannibal witches.
  • A hot young witch who is very inventive with a frog and a broom.

witching bitching broom

  • Witches crawling on ceilings and flying through the air.
  • A kid being prepped for the oven.
  • An entire coven of witches.
  • Two drag queen witches.
  • Witch magic used for good…to make the two cute main men French kiss.

witching and bitching man kiss

  • A psychotic witch chase scene.
  • Incredible sets in the castle-like mansion.
  • The witches having a sex talk!
  • A coven ceremony of epic proportions.
  • A giant witch from hell.

This movie is whacked! Funny, freaky, witchy, and loaded with gay stuff, Witching and Bitching totally lives up to its name. And these two put a spell on me! Hello, Hugo Silva and Mario Casas!

witching and bitching hunks


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