Bite Me – the perfect zombedy series for zombie geeks!


Bite Me is like Shaun of the Dead meets The Big Bang Theory. It’s a webseries, but if you watch the episodes straight through, it feels just like a movie. I checked out season 1 (about 40 minutes) and season 2 (about 1 hour and 45 minutes) and the time flew! It’s a horror movie and video game lover’s treat.

So our cast of cute guys (Justin Giddings, Yousef Abu-Taleb, and Ryan Welsh) are three roommates who sit in their place playing online zombie video games…with each other…all in different rooms. Aside from the tension caused by one of them moving out because he actually has a girlfriend, they also have horror geek arguments, like the difference between demonic possession, zombies, infections (you know the drill) in movies like Evil Dead and The Crazies.


Not even a zombie outbreak totally detracts them from their fun! Once they start battling the undead (who, ironically, look much like Deadites—even though they are zombies, not demons), they realize all the Dead Rising they’ve played makes them masters at killing zombies with any household items (just not the Xbox 360). And soon, real life zombie killing even starts to help improve their game-playing skills!

But aside from loads of geek humor, Bite Me is also a professionally produced series, complete with great acting, pacing, special effects, gore, and gut munching. This is a zombie fan’s show, with plenty of references to the likes of The Walking Dead, 28 Days Later, Resident Evil, and I Am Legend.


Season 1 establishes their predicament within their own space…and then season 2 brings on the bigger effects of the apocalypse on society! Soon the guys are being hunted by not only zombies, but the army as well! It all leads to one of the best reveals about how the zombie outbreak started. And just as in video games, the monsters keep getting bigger and badder as things progress towards the final boss battle.

You can watch both seasons of Bite Me online. This way, maybe you’ll be just as prepared for the zombie apocalypse as these guys are. And if these links are dead, either you just need to search them on YouTube…or the zombie apocalypse has arrived.




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