Bad Biology – the horror of the genitals….


Frank Henenlotter hadn’t made a film since the 90s, when he did the third Basket Case film. His films were gross back then, so it was going to be a big challenge to outdo himself and live up to modern standards of disgusting.

Well then why not a film about the coming together of a chick with a repulsive va-jay-jay and a dude with a disgusting pe-nay-nay?

Just like all of Henenlotter’s films, you can predict the plot and nothing really happens other than the film wallowing in its own perverse concept. But Henenlotter totally rox the levels of offensive and obscene predicaments our leading characters get into.

First there’s the girl. She has a pussy that won’t quit. It can’t be satisfied. It’s lined with clits. It gets pregnant and spits out a baby within like two hours. Oh yeah. This film goes there. She picks up some of the hottest guys (all of whom show their asses), has sex with them and so immediately falls in love with them, gets murderously mad when they try to leave, kills them, then squats and pops out a baby. Grotty to the max.

She’s also a photographer. She’s doing a photo shoot for a rapper…featuring naked babes with pussy faces. I’m not even kidding. The scene of the rapper making out with one of them is amazing. What’s even more amazing is that this isn’t the first movie I’ve seen featuring pussy faces.


Meanwhile, there’s this gorgeous boy who spends most of the movie running around shirtless (and also shows off his ass). So he had this non-working penis because it was accidentally cut off when he was a baby and then sewn back on. So he finds a drug that he can inject into it to make it work. But there are side effects. The penis grows huge and grows a mind of its own. And it also fucks girls to death. Which is why the boy tries to satisfy it using a fuck machine. It’s why he’s also hesitant when the photographer’s crew comes to film the rap video in his house….


Just when the photographer thinks she has found a huge penis that can satisfy all her clits, the penis detaches itself from the boy and goes on a screwing and murdering rampage. Every misogynistic thing you can imagine taking place with naked horny chicks happens. And of course, the penis is this vomit-inducing mutant appendage with oozing, festering bumps because that’s how the straight eye’s fear of appreciating the male genitals forces him to see and depict a penis. But hey, it’s still funny; the penis like breaks through floorboards and shit!


I really can’t stress enough how sexually offensive this trashy little film is from beginning to end. As I was watching it, all I could think was that I couldn’t believe the two lead actors agreed to do everything they did on screen because it could easily ruin their acting careers.

Neither star has ever appeared in another movie.

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