The deliciously dirty darkness of David Holly’s erotic horror


I had a load of fun hanging out with several authors at our Bent-Con booth in November, one of them being author David Holly. After reading his gay erotic horror/fantasy collection Delicious Darkness, I have a whole new respect for David. Because he’s a pervert!

It’s pornographic madness as horny men take on monsters, demons, devils, fairies, ghosts, aliens, and other ghastly creatures. Here’s a breakdown of the stories:

“Delicious Darkness” – Two cousins summon sex slave demons at the cost of their closeness.

“The Fairy King” – A group of friends slips into a fairyland of horny fairies, pixies…and ass slugs.

“Nights in Red Spankers” – A young man accused of anti-gay remarks is sent to a special school where all the boys wear “spankers,” a very unique form of stimulating underwear.

“Daemon Licorice” – The demon of homosexual desire spreads the love in an orgy.

“Gang Banger’s Payback” – A pickpocket on New Year’s Eve gets caught and proves that he’s not only a power bottom, but a bottom with powers!

“Pickpocket’s Paradise” – The pickpocket from the previous story is back, and this time, a prison full of inmates and police are no match for his magic butt.

“Pleasing the Tooma Men” – Two brothers are sent to an alien world by their mad scientist parents—where they meet some pretty gay otherworldly life forms!

“Mistletoe and the Holly Boy” – A guy has a holiday sex party with Christmas elves.

“Alien Experimentation” – A teacher recounts the graphic details of how aliens made him gay.

“Epicene the Incubus” – A college student has some fun with a gay ghost.

“The Smyrna Merchants” – A young man is inducted into an order of eternal gay sex.

“Beelzebub’s Boy Toy” – Hell is heaven for a guy who becomes the bitch of pretty much every demon in hell before meeting his true master….

“The Lucky Heart Valentine Potion” – For Valentine’s Day, a guy uses a voodoo potion to turn a bunch of straight guys gay for an orgy by the pool.

“The Great Invasion” – There are alien eels, man butts, and the word “invasion” in the title. What do you think is going to happen?

“The Witch’s Spell” – This is possibly my favorite, most devilish tale in the collection, exploring witchcraft, gender, and sexual orientation. A coven of witches on a college campus show a bunch of guys a thing or two about their orientation and sex drive!

“Uncle Horny” – A young man learns of the gay lineage of his family as his uncle transforms him into a stud.

If you love erotica that leaves nothing to the imagination, mixed with a good dose of raunchy horror/exploitation/sci-fi madness, then David Holly’s Delicious Darkness will totally get your taste buds tingling.

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