Saw VI can be good for your healthcare

Considering the Saw series has been dying since the second installment, I went into part 6 last night with NO expectations—and came out with possibly my favorite installment of the series. Forget about it being a ‘socially aware’ plot, this one is downright preachy. And I’d consider it insulting to my intelligence if it weren’t so dead-on! This movie should be required viewing for all those A-holes in Washington haggling over healthcare reform as well as the scumbags running the healthcare industry.

The plot is pretty simple in Saw VI. The number one man in charge of dropping as many people as possible from his healthcare company’s coverage suddenly finds himself trapped in one of Jigsaw’s gnarly, dingy rooms that no one knows exists, far away from any signs of humanity (where the hell does Jigsaw find the time to hunt down these locations and build his intricate death machines, considering he not only had terminal cancer, but is now dead???). The goal, to be accomplished in under an hour if he wants to ever see his family alive again, is for Jigsaw’s latest victim to go through a maze of torture chambers and make decisions on which of his employees should die horrible deaths. Since his daily job is to hold the fate of peoples’ lives in his hands anyway, Jigsaw makes sure he actually has the blood on his hands this time as he is forced to sacrifice only certain people from his company as they all beg and shriek for him to pick them. Ah the humanity! What a movie.

And to sweeten the pot, this installment of the movie features Tanedra, a chick who won the role by winning the first season of the reality show Scream Queens! Of course, the role was as long-lived, so-to-speak, as Drew Barrymore’s role in Scream. And, according to imdb, it’s pretty much the only role Tanedra has had so far. But the biggest surprise for my man-loving eyes was when I noticed that an extra in the film was none other than hot, hot, hot Latin gay porn star Francois Sagat! WTF??? But damn he looked good in his non-speaking role as a heterosexual ghetto drug addict.

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