The Forsaken – Near Dark and The Lost Boys for a new millennium?

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It’s really impossible not to compare the 2001 film The Forsaken to Near Dark and The Lost Boys. A young man traveling through a desolate part of Texas happens upon a sexy and edgy group of vampires and is soon battling them to remain mortal….

If you’re a fan of either of those 80s classics, there is no way you’ll be disappointed in The Forsaken, which has a great cast.

forsaken vamps

Simply have to start with Johnathon Schaech. As the head vampire, he pulls off lustful animalistic insanity brilliantly. It is ridiculous how such a hot man with an ability to bring characters to life has gotten so little credit in Hollywood, sticking mostly to indies and horror flix. Actually—that’s fine by me!

forsaken kerr

Strikingly handsome (and buff) Kerr Smith of Final Destination and My Bloody Valentine is our leading man.

forsaken hiker

Cutie Brendan Fehr is great in his role as Kerr’s hitchhiker sidekick and has racked up the scream king credits, including Disturbing Behavior, Final Destination, Christina’s House, Silent Night, 13 Eerie, and the TV show Roswell.

forsaken simon

Simon Rex is adorable as the goofy vampire assistant.

forsaken feed

The hungry woman above, Phina Oruche, who totally rules as a vampire who is both sizzling hot and intensely evil and sinister. She’s the best part of the whole movie.

And best of all, horror veteran Carrie Snodgress of movies like The Attic, The Fury, Trick or Treats, and Ed Gein.

While it’s not a “scary” horror movie, The Forsaken is a juicier (as in bloodier) vampire movie than the two films it resembles. The handful of gory and violent kills along with the ominous tone and atmosphere make this a much darker film…and dare I say it…my favorite of the bunch! It’s definitely the prettiest.

forsaken guys

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  1. joshuaskye says:

    I’ve owned this flick ever since it came out on DVD, and proudly so. It does this gay man’s heart good to see someone else appreciate this very under-appreciated film.

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