There’s nothing like cracking open a collection of LGBTQ zombie stories and discovering a good chunk of them are by authors I know! Editor Bill Tucker’s gay zombie horror anthology gathers together 28 tales with plenty of variety in both living dead concept and LGBTQ representation. Here’s a brief teaser of each:

“Stonewall Rising” by Vince A. Liaguno – A reimagining of the night the police raided The Stonewall Inn in 1969.

“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Don’t Die” by Rob Rosen – The military discovers zombies, with a twist.

“Girl World” by Lisa Morton – Two tough lesbians kill zombies…and seek revenge.

“Just the Three of Them at the End of the World” by John Grover – A trio of gay guys preparing for a drag show must escape an apartment building overrun with zombies.

“Still Rolling” by Angelia Sparrow – A lesbian’s stream of thought as she tries to save her bitten wife.

“Unrest in Cowpat” by Stephanie Kincaid – a father’s protest over his gay son’s marriage leads to a clash with zombies in this clever, humorous tale.

“To Please” by Nicholas Alexander Hayes – A changing man wants more than just sex from his partner.

“Til’ The Last Beat” by Clancy Nacht – At a time when marriage is not legal, two men seek help from a mysterious woman, who vows to bond them together eternally.

“Zombie Fiction” by David Dunwoody – Zombie fiction gets meta.

“The Cairn” by Christopher Fletcher – A man keeps his lover, who refused to go for anti-zombie treatment, chained up and undead.

“Unholy Alliance” by Ben Langhinrichs – College kids get a Biblical lesson when zombies invade their dorm.

“Eating Peaches” by Rachel Green – A gay couple starts to turn without realizing it.

“Accepting Death” by Tony Schaab – Blog entries from a gay guy who determines zombies are targeting only a specific group.

“The Duval Crawl” by David E. Chrisom – Gays stuck in a Key West bar with zombies.

“Among the Living” by JR Rodriguez – A man finds out his dead boyfriend’s parents were keeping a secret from him.

“Cocktail Conversation” by Patrick F. Murphy – A proud gay zombie poet has a one-sided conversation with the meal he’s preparing.

“Walk Through The Fire” by Jennifer R. Povey – Transgender woman and the female lover she saved tackle the zombie world.

“ZOMB-malion” by Eric Andrews-Katz – A scientist couple brings a zombie home hoping to domesticate it.

“The Dead Walk in Brooklyn: A Performance Art Piece” by Molly Rydzel – A front row seat to a zombie performance art show.

“Dead Boy Number One” by Quinn Smythwood – The tale of an actual zombie actor.

“Quickened Wood” by Nathan Sims – A warrior on the hunt for an oracle finds himself hunted by the undead.

“World Without Snow” by Jesus Morales – Lesbian love will not be thwarted by zombies.

“Sweetness” by BC Edwards – Examines how it would feel to know you were turning zombie…and how society will allow you to still exist “humanely”.

“Food Chain” by CS Stephens – A world run by zombies who keep humans as pets.

“The Quick and the Undead” by Thomas Farringer-Logan – Lesbians take on the apocalypse.

“Meatbots: A Love Story” by Timothy Capehart – Humans find a way to use the undead to use for cheap labor.

“Humans Being Humans” by Patrick D’Orazio – Gays discover things don’t really change for them even after the zombie outbreak.

“Drag Queen vs. Zombies” by MP Johnson – the title says it all.

The paperback is out of print, so if you want one you’ll have to track down a used copy, but the ebook is still available on Amazon.

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