Just make sure you can tell it’s horror that came from the 80s!

necropolis cover 2

That’s what it feels like the producers said when they gave the go ahead for Necropolis. It opens in Amsterdam 1686, but this witch is already looking and dancing like an 80s slut. Her satanic ritual doesn’t go as planned and we’re catapulted to the best future ever…the 80s.

necropolis biker

Our witch knows everything about how cool the 80s are: fashion, music, slang, and the word faggot. She is a goth biker bitch witch! She dances to this awesome song called “Rock & Rock” by the Rock & Rock Gang. As soon as I saw the movie, I made sure the 12” vinyl single became a perfect part of my collection.

But back to the Necropolis witch. She controls people telepathically. She makes a Bonnie Tyler looking goth chick go lesbian. She knocks a bunch of hookers off their corner. She resurrects her army of robed zombie cult members. And she collects ectoplasm to grow multiple tits so she can breastfeed her zombies.

necropolis boobs

Little does she know that all those she fucked with in the 1600s have been reincarnated, and they are gathering together their stakes and crucifixes to hunt her down Buffy style! As an added bonus, there’s a smart-mouthed gay forensics guy, a kick ass black reverend who takes down cult zombies within seconds, and a possessed hand.

necropolis reverend

Non-80s children need not apply…unless they appreciate all the crap the 80s had to offer.

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