If Teen Wolf were gay(er) and gorier….


So The Wolf at His Door promises to be the first book in a trilogy of gay werewolf horror by author Adrian W. Lilly. And I can’t wait to read the continuing story.

When I first started reading the book, I expected this to be a light and fluffy gay teen paranormal romance as I’d seen it described. And I was willing to go with that. But I think that categorization does The Wolf at His Door a huge injustice from a horror angle. Lilly seriously delivers the hardcore werewolf action! I was shocked and thrilled to find this was a full-fledged horror novel. If you’re looking for any kind of fluff other than werewolf butt hair, you’ve come to the wrong place.

So in short, the story is about a young man coming to terms with the fact that he might be…a lycanthrope. He already knows he’s gay, so this is thankfully not another teen coming out story. His sister and friends have introduced him to a new guy. As their romance heats up, his family struggles with a big secret, teens start to disappear—and no one seems to be safe. And the young man begins to suspect his new boyfriend might be hiding something as well….

The Wolf at His Door features a complex and twisting plot that never loses steam, with relatable and likeable characters, some seriously gruesome deaths and horror scenes, incredibly written suspense, and even some highly erotic scenes. It’s as exciting and fast-paced as a movie or TV show. Adrian W. Lilly has a visual style of writing, so you can actually see the plot unfolding before your eyes. That’s my favorite type of horror writing—a book that reads like a movie.

If you like Teen Wolf or movies like Cursed, you will definitely appreciate this one. It has that kind of teen horror vibe and makes a great fall read. And the horror is just beginning….

This is an independently published ebook available on Amazon, and is a prime example of how self-publishing, much like indie filmmaking, can bring us great horror stories we would have missed otherwise, crafted and created from passion, not a marketing machine.

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