Grab your gun and let’s go shoot some Osombies!

osombie dvd

Despite the cover of the DVD looking like this movie is titled Ozombie, it’s not. It’s Osombie. And I actually think they’ve finally made a zombie movie for self-proclaimed America-loving war nuts because I pretty much tuned out all the propaganda. The military, politics, and intelligence talk just don’t do it for me.

osombie 4

But zombies and shirtless stud Corey Sevier do. In fact, this is not so much a blog about Osombie as it is an excuse to post pics of Corey. Corey heads a small military group in the deserts of Afghanistan, and they get mixed up with a chick and her freedom fighter brother, who believes Osama bin Laden wasn’t killed, but turned himself into a zombie—and created the zombie army roaming all over.

osombie corey 3

The cast spends most of the movie talking and picking off zombies in puffs of powdery-looking CGI blood clouds. Although, there is one chick who is basically the white Michonne, taking down zombies with her big sword. There are also a couple of good jump scares, including the always effective and cheap dream scare. Plus, a cave scene near the end of the film is terrifying—mostly because it looks like Corey Sevier’s perfect flesh is about to be ripped apart.

osombie corey 2

It often feels like the film’s purpose is to exploit and objectify Corey Sevier—a curious move in a tough guy war flick. The big joke amongst the military guys is that Corey finds every excuse to take off his shirt. It really is kind of ridiculous how many times he removes it. Just take it off and leave it off!

osombie corey 1

Those of you who’d rather get off on seeing Osama bite the bullet need not worry. He comes shuffling onto screen before the movie’s end.

osombie monster

I’m really surprised Osombie hasn’t played on the SyFy Network. The subject matter may be too sensitive for their tastes, but not for mine….


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