Re-Kill – found footage action zombie sausagefest!

rekill coverProps to Re-Kill for cramming together a couple of genres and having a sense of humor in the process.

It’s a few years after the zombie outbreak, and a special military force is responsible for going into all overrun areas and clearing out the zombies. A camera person follows them around documenting everything and airing it as a reality show.

rekill cast

With the movie initially presented as the “Re-kill” show on a television, we are actually treated throughout the film to commercials. This is where the sense of humor comes in. Ads include a drug to keep you from turning zombie, an ad for any drug you need to get you through the stress of a zombie apocalypse, an ad for cigarettes that points out that you might as well smoke since the world has gone to shit anyway, and plenty of commercials to promote sex—for the purpose of rebuilding the race, of course.

rekill commercial

As for the zombie action, there is loads of it and it starts immediately. There are hordes of wickedly fast zombies and tons of blood and guts. While much of the footage is shaky cam style, this isn’t any low-budget CGI crap. It actually looks like an expensive production, including high-quality explosion scenes and gun battle sequences. The game feels like an action movie–actually, it feels a lot like a video game at times.

rekill explosion

As for the cast, it is man heaven. There’s only one female military chick, played by Daniella Alonso (Wrong Turn 2, The Hills Have Eyes 2). Along with all the hot guys, horror veteran Bruce Payne (Tales of the Supernatural, Asylum, Prowl, Hellborn, Warlock III, Ripper) plays the crazy religious nut who thinks God has a plan. And damned if the movie doesn’t allow the final scene to prove Bruce’s religious theory right. Annoying.

rekill zombie

Aside from the eye-rolling religious message, the movie also suffers from being highly repetitive. It just keeps cycling through the military team breaking into a location, a jump scare when the first zombie appears, an onslaught of zombies, shooting chaos, someone on the team being bitten…and then a commercial. While it’s exciting at first, that’s the whole movie over and over and over.

So what really makes Re-Kill worth watching? THIS scene….

rekill shower

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