Attack of the burly, beary gay vampires!


Watch out Anne Rice. Director Creep Creepersin has made the ultimate sexy vampire fantasy. Don’t be fooled by the title or the pretty boys on the cover of the DVD; Brides of Sodom is all about gay vampire husbands, and meaty manly ones at that. It is so refreshing to have an indie gay erotic vampire movie that’s loaded with beefcake, not boys.

The world has been overtaken by vampires. Humans are their food and their sex slaves. The vampires, mostly men, are predominantly wearing only tiny leather and chain thongs. Dyonisus runs the show. Eros has an incestuous relationship with his sister vampire, Persephone. Persephone likes to make female mortals her lesbian sex slaves.

Then Eros falls for a mortal named Samuel. And that’s where the trouble begins. Dyonisus wants Samuel as his man bitch. Persephone is also jealous of her brother’s new love. Internal wars are waged. Buckets of blood flow. There are incredibly erotic sex scenes, gay, straight, and lesbian. These are open-minded bisexual vampires. Anything goes.

Two witches are thrown into the mix to complicate Dyonisus’s evil plan for Eros. These witches are awesome. They speak the same exact lines in unison, and they are some devious we-otches! Just when you think this vampire fantasy can’t get any wilder, the witches summon a demonic, undulating queen who takes down anything in her way.

Brides of Sodom is simple, super sexy fun. If you love seeing tons of man flesh covered in blood, you’re in for a real treat. And the furry sex scene between Eros and Samuel is one of the best simulated butt bangings I’ve ever seen in a gay movie.

They only letdown of the entire movie is the wickedly abrupt ending! Maybe it was intended to set us up for a sequel. I would welcome a sequel to this kind of gay vampire flick.

Here are the major men of Brides of Sodom:


I can never get enough of Dylan Vox as a vampire. Here, he plays Dyonisus, the only vampire with a demonic looking face for some reason. He leaves behind any of his vampiric camp from The Lair and is even more diabolical than he was in Vampire Boys.


It makes sense, but David Taylor, who plays Eros, is a GOD. He is a muscle bound beauty. He pulls off long hair like few men can.


Domiziano Arcangeli, who plays Samuel, was also in the amazing movie The Human Race. He is a gorgeous little bear man, but I am not a fan of his long hair in this movie. He also spends most of the movie mumbling and following Eros around like a scared puppy dog.


Scream king Peter Stickles does no screaming in this one. Actually he doesn’t even talk. He spends the whole movie standing in corners looking cute and whispering words in the ears of all the main characters.

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