Afflicted vs. A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

If you have to watch one movie about creatures of the night, which of these two should it be? Depends on your tastes.


girl walks home.jpeg

A Persian film by an Iranian director…filmed in California. If you are a big fan of fancy, artsy black and white films, check it out for sure. Its style is captivating.

If you’re looking for an intense horror film, you might not be so satisfied. This one is about a bunch of druggies and hookers in a derelict Iranian town called Bad City. A character driven film, it drags heavily. Only one scene really delivers any horror, and it involves a sleazy pimp (hot hot Dominic Rains) doing a sexy shirtless dance for the vampire. Great scene.

girl walks home druggy.jpeg

There are some creepy shots of the lonely vampire woman standing on the streets at night, but once she terrorizes a kid, steals his skateboard, and starts riding it around town, I just wasn’t feeling all that scared of her.

girls walks home girl.jpg

She also has a Michael Jackson “Thriller” poster in her place and loves the song “Hello” by Lionel Richie. Hell, I want to be this vamp chick’s friend! But she’s probably too busy spending all her time with the mortal she gets romantically involved with in the film, cutie Arash Marandi.

girls walks home lead.jpg

If Let the Right One In and Twilight had a baby, it would be A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. But the soundtrack is hot. Especially the 80s new wave tinged song “Death” by White Lies. It’s used in a cool scene, too.


afflicted cover.jpeg

If the found footage flick Chronicle were a horror movie, it would be Afflicted. In my continued effort to know very little about movies before I see them, I had no idea Afflicted was a found footage film and assumed it was a body horror flick. Oh no. Afflicted is a creature of the night film and I never would have expected it to work so well in a found footage format.

afflicted guys.jpg

Two men, Derek Lee and Clif Prowse, wrote, directed, and star in Afflicted. They play a couple of buddies documenting their journeys around the world through a video travelogue they are streaming live on the Internet. Their partying takes a bad turn after Derek brings a woman back to his room one night—and wakes up covered in bloody bites.

afflicted bites.jpeg

There are some cool side effects of these bites, including super human strength and speed. But before long, the buddies realize a bad, bloodthirsty change is coming over Derek.

afflcited monster.jpg

Holy crap this movie is definitely more my speed. Jump scares, suspense, action, awesome effects and monster makeup, simple but cool plot, and Derek Lee is fantastic in his role. Not to mention, he’s a fricking cutie.

afflicted Derek lee.jpg

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