Summer of Blood – a vampire with a snarky attitude

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If you’re a fan of the biting, sarcastic, and dry humor trends—think Curb Your Enthusiasm, Modern Family, The Office—then vampire comedy Summer of Blood is not to be missed. The story of a city dude who’s really bad at interpersonal relationships and sexually inept, it’s like a horror version of Girls. And it just so happens one of the guys from Girls even has a small role in the film.

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Director, writer, and star Onur Tukel could be considered a one man show in this film…if it weren’t for the fact that his supporting cast totally rox. Onur is a man who blows it with his long-term girlfriend and immediately tries desperately to find love again. Problem is, he’s sarcastic, has no filter, has no social skills, is kind of pervy, and sucks in bed. So numerous first dates go nowhere.

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But some of that changes when Onur runs into a vampire on the street one night. After a suck session that almost turns gay (and it’s not the only homoerotic encounter he’ll have with his vampire buddy), Onur tries his hand at love…and things go much better. He’s mesmerizing and banging in bed, even if he is still a total douche bag. But will his new lease on life win back the woman he really loves?

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Summer of Blood is a dark sex comedy, and it is damn funny from beginning to end. The vampire segments are great for a low budget indie. Sure the vamps have vacant undead eyes and fangs, but what I love most is the unique way in which they feed; they simply rip open the jugular and then let the blood gush into their mouths like a fountain.

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If you look at Onur Tukel’s filmography, Summer of Blood is his only horror-themed comedy, but I sure hope he does more because he brings a perfect sense of humor to the horror comedy subgenre.

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