1 and 1/8 Halloween low-budget horror flix

Center your horror movie around Halloween and I’ll watch. But do Babysitter Massacre and Mr. Hush offer a warm and fuzzy Halloween horror experience?


babysitter massacre cover

Babysitter Massacre is mega-indie territory. It definitely has plenty of Halloween spirit because it takes place on Halloween. However, no one is babysitting. Instead, girls who had a babysitting club when they were younger are being kidnapped, tied to a chair, and gruesomely tortured to death on Halloween night.

You turn to Babysitter Massacre for blood and boobs. That’s about it. There are tons of bodacious boobs, full-bodied babes, bush, and gore galore. There’s also way too much dialogue, a butch punk rock chick (who is shockingly not a lesbian) still grieving over the murder of their babysitting friend years before, and a lingerie party.

babysitter massacre killer

But not all is lost. There is one fantastic segment in the middle of the movie that has a girl at a Halloween party taking a bathroom break with incredibly creepy results. It’s actually a great short horror film concept.

HUSH (2011)

mr hush cover

Speaking of short films, the opening scene of Mr. Hush also should have been a short Halloween horror film of its own. It’s the only scene that takes place on Halloween. And it’s a pretty freaky home invasion scenario. A loving father, his wife, and their daughter are celebrating the holiday when a priest comes to the door asking for assistance because his vehicle has broken down. But he really has other plans for the wife and daughter.


I wish. Mr. Hush becomes a chaotic mess of scenes, subplots, and dream sequences as the father starts a new life with a new woman and her daughter—and gets another visit from the priest. Only this time, it’s not on Halloween. And the priest (played by indie horror icon Edward X. Young) has brought along a friend, played by Stephen “Evil Ed” Geoffreys…who acts just like Evil Ed.

mr hush geoffreys

They torture and harass the father this time, and I can’t understand why it didn’t happen on October 31st again to at least make this entire film a Halloween themed horror flick.

The worst part of it all is that no one bothered to tell the first half of Mr. Hush that it was attached to a horror comedy. When Geoffreys and Edward X. start doing a psycho shtick, you’re so caught off guard after the dark, serious tone of the first part of the movie that you can’t immediately appreciate it. Only when Edward X. finally turns into a green fiend and the film ends with the funniest line/moment in the whole movie do you kind of get it and wish the rest of the movie had been in on the joke.

mr hush edward x

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