The horror of Saved by the Bell

The original cast of Saved by the Bell went on to bigger and better things. BAD HORROR!

 saved by bell dustin diamond

DUSTIN DIAMOND: Even the promise of a successful Dirty Sanchez career didn’t stop Dustin from doing Scavenger Killers and Little Creeps.


saved by bell Mark Paul Gosselaar

MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR: Not just another high school pretty boy, Mark-Paul took on aliens in Specimen.


saved by bell mario lopez

MARIO LOPEZ: Mario brought those dimples to Killing Mr. Griffin, Fever Lake, and A Crack in the Floor. But he’ll always be cherished as the little illegal on The Golden Girls.


saved by bell lark voorhies

LARK VOORHIES: You know you’re committing to horror when you work with Dustin Diamond again, which Lark did in Little Creeps. Plus, look at her last name!



DENNIS HASKINS: If you can’t do, teach. Maybe that’s why Dennis only pulled off small roles in b-movies like Revamped and Dismembered.


saved by bell elizabeth berkley

ELIZABETH BERKLEY: Even the fame and glamour of Showgirls couldn’t keep Elizabeth away from her dark side—her Donnie Darko side! She appeared in the sequel, S. Darko.


saved by bell tiffani thiesen

TIFFANI-AMBER THIESIN: Doing a direct-to-video sequel and a horror spoof pretty much makes Tiffani the most successful graduate! She was in From Dusk Till Dawn 2 and Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th.


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