The lost chapter from my novel No Place for Little Ones

It’s time again to share with you a lost chapter from one of my novels. Which is another name for a chapter the editor made me cut out. If you’ve read No Place for Little Ones or plan to read it, there’s a “cameo” by Proc, the vampire from Combustion. This scene takes place after he leaves burly, beary paranormal detective Deck Waxer in a private sex room at a bar called 4 on the Floor….



Behind the 4 on the Floor bar, Proc crawled out of a vent in his mouse state then shifted into his human form. Crouched next to a Dumpster, he watched Deck’s van driving past at the end of the alley. He didn’t have much time to think about his recent encounter in the sex room with Deck’s bearish musk before his sensitive olfactories picked up a very different delectable scent carrying on the snowy wind.

Coming around the corner at the back of the building were three young white men in typical thug attire: boots, ripped jeans, T-shirts, spray painted leather jackets, varying levels of skinheaded buzz cuts, and sloppily shaped goatees.

“How incredibly cliché,” Proc muttered, rising up to his full stance.

The thugs spotted him and exchanged some words while also communicating with their facial expressions. They hurried through the snow in his direction, stopping just on the other side of the Dumpster.

It was Proc who initiated the dialogue. “Well, you boys are clearly from the other side of the tracks. What brings you to the Cove, so far from home, on a nasty night like tonight?”

The tallest, broadest of the three thugs, whose head was coated in dark peach fuzz that betrayed his attempt at all-day baldness, stepped forward, boldy moving right to the other side of the Dumpster. He smiled snidely and said, “We’re looking for faggot action. And I think we found some, hey men? Seems like my preacher was right. You cocksuckers do spend every minute of your life looking for sodomy. You get a dick packed up your shit chute yet tonight?”

Proc stared directly into the thug’s blue eyes. “You offering?”

The thug looked completely caught off guard by the comment, but his expression quickly turned angry. “Why don’t you come over here and say that?”

Proc circled the Dumpster and walked barefoot through the snow until he was standing only a few feet from the thug, whose backup friends stepped back in surprise, one of them stammering, “He’s fucking naked.”

The other backup boy warned, “Don’t let him touch you! You’ll get the AIDS!”

Proc glared evenly into the lead thug’s eyes as if the other two threats weren’t even there. “Maybe we can come to an agreement. I’ll suck all three of you dry and then you’ll just leave me alone and crawl back to the trailer home you came from.”

The immediate response from the two backup boys was an urging for the lead thug to kill the faggot.

“Come on now. You’re all ready for me.” Proc’s eyes stayed locked onto those of the thug as he undid the thug’s pants and pushed them down until an erect dick spilled out into the snowy night.

“What the fuck?” one of the backup boys stammered, frozen into inaction by his friend’s predicament.

Proc squatted down, his hands on the thug’s thighs. “Well, now I see where you get your cocky attitude. Very impressive.”

The thug’s meaty uncut dick, thickest in the middle and narrowing at the pubes, stood rigid, as if iced over with snow.

Proc smiled up at the face looking down at him, opened his mouth, and moved his head over the nine-inch extremity, allowing it to slide right into his throat.

The backup boys cried out in disgust and confusion. They were virtually begging their leader to stop and just kill the faggot already.

Proc smoothly bobbed his head back and forth on the thick cock, allowing the falling snow to moisten it and lubricate it. The thug moaned, staring blankly down at him, completely hypnotized.

Mouth full, Proc nodded up at him, okaying the flood he knew was on the verge of spilling forth. The thug’s hands involuntarily grabbed the back of his head to hold him in place. This was the moment when he showed his strength, yanking his head back and almost off the cock. He stopped just before the head could pop out of his mouth and rolled the foreskin back to reveal the naked shaft. His yellow filter igniting in his eyes, he stared up at the thug. He smiled around the cock, revealing his glistening white, needle-sharp incisors as they perfectly framed the huge vein running along the top of the shaft.

With that, he released the trance he’d placed on the thug, allowing for complete understanding of what was about to happen. As hot thick sperm exploded into his mouth, he twisted his face to the side and bit down on the vein as if biting into an apple.

Proc knew the thug’s gasp was a result of the intensity of the orgasm that seemed to be ripping his dick open as Proc clamped onto it and sucked with a power beyond anything the thug had ever experienced. The thug’s body grew momentarily rigid then went limp.

Proc whipped his head away from the cock, splattering a stream of thick red blood across the bright white snow. The thug crumpled dead in front of him. He shot his head in the direction of the backup boys and flashed them a snarling smile, allowing sloppy gobs of blood and semen to drool from his lips and over his chin as his yellow eyes gleamed.

The backup boys clutched each other, stepping in reverse, afraid to turn their backs on Proc. The more brazen of the two finally stuttered, “Le-let-us-g-go. W-we-won’t-t-tell.”

“Of course you will.” Proc rose from his crouch and stepped forward. “And we can’t have that kind of attention being brought to the Cove.”

They screamed in terror and now they did turn and run, each one trying to push the other out of the way in an effort to take the lead.

Proc was on them in an instant, ramming their skulls together with an audible thud. They dropped to the ground, alive but barely conscious. Proc dropped between them and easily rolled them over onto their backs. He unzipped the jeans of one of them and dug out a dick that was about half the size of the one he’d just enjoyed. “I promise, this won’t hurt a bit. And you might even like it. The real pain is going to be all mine. Because I’m going to have to clean up this mess.”


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