screamin’ & singin’

Horror-themed musical movies! Most are full-length features, some are shorts. Others feature just a few bona fide musical numbers. Let me know if I’ve missed any! If I’ve blogged about a film, the picture is clickable.

bang bang baby cover

bloody indulgentIt’s a Backstreet Boy!

cannibal the musicalFrom the South Park boys!

dead inside

devils carnivalA franchised horror musical.

dont go in woods

eldoradoAKA: Highway to Hell.

i kissed a vampire movie

i was a teenage werebearFrom the anthology film Chillerama.

little shop


monster mash

mr bricksHeavy metal horror musical!

naked space

nudist colony of the dead

phantom of opera

phantom of the paradise From horror master Brian De Palma.


radioactive dreams



rocky horror

shock treatment

song of the dead cover

stage fright

sweeney todd

voyage of the rock aliens

zombie musicalShort film.