my portfolio

Beyond my humble identities as an author, horror blogger, and DJ…I am a seasoned COPYWRITER! Didn’t expect so much talent from such a slacker, huh? Here you’ll find samples of the versatile voices I’ve created during the course of my career as a copywriter, much of it spec work done as an in-house conceptor. Simply click on any image to enlarge so that you can actually read the copy—click on image again to close.

FROM WRITE TO SIGHT: Some of my video scripts filmed for brief Lifetime Brand product ads, trade show videos, and QR code videos.

MAKE A SPLASH LANDING: I was asked to come up with quick copy that would make our dinnerware pattern landing pages a little more fun.





BED, BATH and E-BLASTS: From thinking out of the box to writing for the inbox, a taste of my ever-changing take on trends for Bed Bath & Beyond, from e-mail blasts to product copy.

Pet project done on the side for Dan’s best friend.

WHEN YOU CARE ENOUGH TO WIN A HUGE CLIENT: Two mock cover approaches to a Hallmark book club, with lift note. When I presented the full catalog concepts to the Hallmark people, they took me aside while wiping tears from their eyes (if only I were being hyperbolic), and asked if I’d be interested in moving out of state to come work for them directly. My response revealed that my heartfelt copy was all an act: “Thanks, but no thanks. You can’t take the New York out of the kid OR the kid out of New York.”

EN VOGUE: Book club aimed at twenty-something females, secretly disguised as a trendy magazine with enticing page call-outs.

THE FORMATIVE YEARS: Direct mail concept for a children’s book club targeting “family values.” This spec work helped land me a job as project manager for the buy buy BABY website, and continues to build a case for me considering a career in acting…

POST-MODERN MARKETING: The ultimate trend-setting book club needed an edgy campaign. A little sexual innuendo, a graphic novelization of the book club staff, and “BAM!”, direct mail concept is born.

DUMBING IT DOWN: Quick, smart copy for slow learner book series.

HAIRY SITUATION: How do you make a generic hair styling kit sound young and hip?

GET THEM HOOKED: Even without the worms,  I reeled them in for a fly fishing book club.

WHO’S GENERATION?: Age-appropriate CD series marketing for BMG Music Club.

SEASON’S READINGS: The LGBTQ autumn reading rainbow.

It’s too obvious to even make a pun about this one….

A kiss isn’t just a kiss when cupid goes queer for Valentine’s Day.

DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT? Speaking in modern tongues to attract a younger crowd to LGBTQ book club ISO. I modeled this concept after flashy dance club invites.

VISUAL AIDS: Print ad concepts for a Large Print book club, when it’s not always easy to catch someone’s eye….

GEEK CHIC: Making them believe that all those Star Trek conventions and Dungeons & Dragons sessions will pay off in the end….