My number one party movie for this Halloween season is…

i had a bloody good time at house harker cover

While Van Helsing gets all the glory as the great vampire hunter, it was Jonathan Harker who really introduced the world to Dracula. So for a change, we have a movie that focuses on the Harker descendants.

i had a bloody good time boys bloody

And what a goofy little crew it is. A handsome gay guy has come back to the small town in which he grew up in hopes of helping his siblings—a tough talking sister and an awkward, socially inept geek—raise money to save the house in which they grew up.

i had a bloody good time old lady

The trio still has a vampire skull their family has guarded since killing Dracula in order to keep another vampire from rising in his place.

i had a bloody good time skull

Unfortunately, they use it to exploit their family’s vampiric legacy while trying to make the money for the house.

i had a bloody good time exorcist

Joining in on their plan to convince locals that they are actually hunting a vampire are their burnout buddy, a former priest neighbor, and an uber sexy cop who happens to be the sister’s boyfriend.

i had a bloody good time cop

They throw a big vampire hunting party at their house, not knowing they have actually released a fricking monstrous vampire from Romania, and it’s headed right for them.

i had a bloody good time vamp

I Had a Bloody Good Time at House Harker is one of those films that at first seems like it’s going to have a few “cute” moments but will inevitably lean towards the side of indie lame and fail to deliver the fun its title promises.

i had a bloody good time party boy

Rockin’ surprise! the movie gets increasingly better until it turns into a vampire blast!

ihad a bloody good time onslaught

It starts to bubble up somewhere in the middle, and by the final act, it totally rules.

i had a bloody good time man on man vamp

It’s fast paced with great comic moments, a kick ass main vampire, and loads of blood.

i had a bloody good time rise of another vamp

Plus, the cast lays the lovability on thick. And the gay guy has some serious twirling moves up his sleeves, and a nice juicy butt!

i had a bloody good time twirl

But he really needs to work on socializing with daddy bears…

i had a bloody good time gay kicks bear

i had a bloody good time bear drowned

I so wanted him to steal his sister’s cop man from her and run away with him at the end, but alas…

The film even manages to make the siblings’ deceased father a strong character and give the movie some heart. This one better come to DVD, because I need it in my collection ASAP. It’s definitely an instant classic for my die, gay guy, die! page.

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