Little Shop of Car-rors

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The dark and exploitative flick Blood Car is essentially Little Shop of Horrors with a car.

A nerdy young teacher—who also happens to be against eating meat—is clueless that the girl with the vegan food stand (all grown up Anna Chlumsky of My Girl) is crushing on him.

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His focus is on the local slut. However, the only way to score the whore is to get some wheels. But gas costs money. So the nerdy teacher tries to come up with an alternative energy source…and accidentally creates a man-eating machine! That’s right. His car runs on blood and guts!

Raunchy, gory, and tastelessly humorous, Blood Car really only goes to one place that left sour flavor on my horror palate…our leading man first tries to feed his car animals, but because of his stance on meat, he has a hard time going through with it. There is a prolonged segment of him struggling to kill a dog with a BB gun! So not cool. Although I had no problem with him feeding a vet in a wheelchair to his car, so what does that say about me (and most of you as well, so don’t even try it)?

After that, his victims are all human. And his plan works. He starts getting the girl. The slut. His car is like Greased Lightning—it’s a real pussy wagon (and a real bloody pussy wagon). But the car takes a backseat to the slut whenever she’s on screen. She has a filthy mouth and forces the nerdy teacher to experience the wilder side of sex, from taking a golden shower to being finger fucked! She rules.

blood carslut.png

I much prefer the progression of the plot of Little Shop of Horrors because Blood Car eventually goes into weird government conspiracy territory, which brings things to a screeching halt for me, but it’s a fun ride getting there.

blood car govt.jpeg

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