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No need for a clever title for this blog when the name of this Dutch movie is Kill Zombie! It’s one of those titles that pretty much tells you exactly what you’re getting—a zombedy party movie! I knew it was going to be a winner just by the title.

Basically, it’s Shaun of the Dead meets Cloverfield. Aziz and his deadbeat brother get into a fight with two guys at a pool party and they all end up in jail. That’s when some sort of meteorites or comets streak down from the sky. Before long, Aziz, his brother, their two jail mates, and a pretty blonde cop learn that the city has been overrun with zombies! Like, seriously. The news reporter actually calls them zombies.

kill zombie zombies

The plan is to get to the “safe zone” that has been set up, but Aziz gets a call from a pretty co-worker who says she is trapped across town in their office building with a load of zombies. So naturally, Aziz convinces his gang to go save her!


Kill Zombie! is a paint-by-numbers awesome zombedy that does pretty much nothing wrong. It’s got loveable characters perfectly played by the actors, nonstop action, laugh-out-loud humor, deliciously executed CGI zombie gore, slapstick zombie battles, and salivating zombies that ooze green blood.

There are just enough pop culture references—Michael Jackson, MC Hammer, Scarface—to avoid overkill, as well as a little banter about how to kill zombies vs. werewolves or vampires (okay, that’s a little overkill since everyone knows how to kill zombies at this point). There’s also an appearance by Ben Saunders as himself. He is to Kill Zombie! what Bill Murray was to Zombieland. Sort of. Because I have no idea who Ben Saunders is. But he makes a cute dead guy.

kill zombie ben saunders

Standout moments include a vent scene (I fricking hate vents!), goretastic zombie slaughter with a Gatling gun, a human vs. zombie catfight, grindhouse freeze-frame character intros, a video game boss battle scene complete with life bars, and a scene in which a bit character’s friends try to kill him before he can turn—by beating his head in, which takes longer than they expected. That scene is so wrong!

And in classic zombedy tradition, the movie is left open-ended as the heroes discover their monster fighting days have just begun. Kill Zone! is a must-see for any fans of top notch horror comedies.

kill zombie gatling

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