Debbie Rochon has an axe to grind…into the boobs of other b-movie babes!

axe to grind cover

Axe to Grind is pretty much a love letter to Debbie Rochon. She plays an actress who finds her scream queen status drying up because her producer/lover has moved on to a new b-movie babe. There’s only one way to prove she’s the ultimate horror diva….

axe to grind chase

The film opens with a massacre back in 1983. The odd thing about this short scene is that both the grindhouse effect on the film and the fashions and hairstyles on the few characters involved make it look like 1973. Believe me, this 80s professional knows his 80s authenticity.

axe to grind dark hair

After that, the film focuses on four actresses (including Debbie) and two crew guys who come to a derelict hospital to start filming the producer’s new movie. Soon after, Debbie gets the in-house creepy janitor to be her little boy bitch as she whacks the entire cast one-by-one with an axe and he cleans up after her.

axe to grind janitor

The look, tone, and setting of Axe to Grind is fantastic. Despite giving a nod to grindhouse films, it’s amazing how restrained it is. It’s not over-the-top in any way: gore, nudity, humor, horror film winks. It’s also not a “scary” film because it’s pretty much from our killer Debbie’s perspective. She’s also awesome in the film. She really just keeps getting better and better with her performances.

axe to grind set

Meanwhile, the other girls are damn good as well. If there’s one major disappointment about this modest “b-horror scream queen gets revenge” flick, it’s that the other girls don’t get more screen time! That could have been remedied by cutting out the pretty unnecessary flashbacks sprinkled throughout the film of what happened between Debbie and the producer…who hasn’t shown up for the shoot and can’t be reached (guess why).

axe to grind blonde

The movie ends up feeling like a series of scenes of Debbie quickly taking down each of her victims with few struggles or chase scenes, both of which would have added more suspense to the film. I want my catfights to last, dammit! There are also hints of flying CGI blood here and there (blah) and some in-jokes about horror and scream queens. But like I said, the movie is very sparing in every aspect and when you take into account the cool premise that any horror fan could appreciate, it kind of leaves you wanting more. However, if you love Debbie, this is a highlight for her.

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