80s flix that need to come to DVD or Blu-Ray before download-only takes over the world!!!

Between working at a video store in the 80s that was in business from day one of the VHS era and having cable, I pretty much saw every 80s movie that ever existed. And just like my music collection, my goal is to own everything I loved from the 80s so I can be buried with it all. The scary thing is, before every movie could even be brought over to the DVD format, the formats switched to Blu-ray! And let’s face it. It’s only a matter of time before those don’t even exist and everything will be floating in the cloud. Not good enough for me. I need it in my physical collection.

Amazingly, movies that never even made it to DVD are actually getting Blu-ray releases! That’s a good sign. Maybe there’s hope for my “waiting list” to hit Blu-ray, including a bunch of movies that only made it to bogus, money grabbing “DVD-R” archive releases from Warner and MGM, as well as bad “50 classics” type DVD compilations sourced from bad VHS transfers.

First let’s look at my want list of 80s movies that have never been on DVD or are out of print and why I want them:

Blood Beach (1980) – All I remember about this film is the VHS case of the chick getting sucked into the sand and that it was released at a time when Jaws paranoia ran rampant.

Electric Dreams (1984) – War Games, the musical. Plus it has one of the best soundtracks of the decade!

Hide & Go Shriek (1988) – The first “gay” slasher. Hopefully someday it will be on DVD so you can see why I call it that.

House IV (1992) – Okay, so it was no longer the 80s, but William Katt returned. The fact that it had 4 after its title confused me and the customers at the video store. We didn’t have the Internet back then, so we had no way of knowing The Horror Show was House 3.

Rawhead Rex (1986) – One of the great rubber monster bloody gore fest sci-fi horror films of the 80s, now out of print and fetching a gazillion dollars on the used market. Plus, Clive Barker hates this adaptation of his writing.

Slaughterhouse Rock (1988) – This one is simple. It stars fricking Toni Basil and she performs a song she recorded with Devo. Nothing else in life matters after that.

T.A.G. – The Assassination Game (1982) – This is one of those heavy-rotation cable movies that has simply vanished. Linda Hamilton before Terminator. I’d rather watch T.A.G.

The Unnamable (1988) – Because the creature is awesome, but mostly because they released the SEQUEL on DVD.


And here is a list of movies that need a REAL quality DVD release or Blu-ray release:

Dead Dudes in the House (1989) – Best zombie/demon movie EVER.

Killer Party (1986) – 80s perfection.

My Demon Lover (1986) – Stars Mallory’s dumb boyfriend Nick.

Night School (1981) – An unapologetic slasher cash-in.

A Return to Salem’s Lot (1987) – Because it’s an absolute blasphemous sequel and because it stars Michael Moriarity.

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